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Nightly version

export KUBERAY_VERSION=master
kubectl create -k "${KUBERAY_VERSION}&timeout=90s"
kubectl apply -k "${KUBERAY_VERSION}&timeout=90s"

Stable version

kubectl create -k ""
kubectl apply -k ""

Observe that we must use kubectl create to install cluster-scoped resources. The corresponding kubectl apply command will not work. See KubeRay issue #271.

Single Namespace version

It is possible that the user can only access one single namespace while deploying KubeRay. To deploy KubeRay in a single namespace, the user can use following commands.

# Nightly version
export KUBERAY_NAMESPACE=<my-awesome-namespace>
# executed by cluster admin
kustomize build "" | envsubst | kubectl create -f -
# executed by user
kustomize build "" | envsubst | kubectl apply -f -