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Ray Job (alpha)

Note: This is the alpha version of Ray Job Support in KubeRay. There will be ongoing improvements for Ray Job in the future releases.


  • Ray 1.10 or higher
  • KubeRay v0.3.0+. (v0.4.0 is recommended)

What is a RayJob?

A RayJob manages 2 things: * Ray Cluster: Manages resources in a Kubernetes cluster. * Job: Manages jobs in a Ray Cluster.

What does the RayJob provide?

  • Kubernetes-native support for Ray clusters and Ray Jobs. You can use a Kubernetes config to define a Ray cluster and job, and use kubectl to create them. The cluster can be deleted automatically once the job is finished.

Deploy KubeRay

Make sure your KubeRay operator version is at least v0.3.0. The latest released KubeRay version (v0.4.0) is recommended. For installation instructions, please follow the documentation.

Run an example Job

There is one example config file to deploy a RayJob included here: ray_v1alpha1_rayjob.yaml

# Create a RayJob.
$ kubectl apply -f config/samples/ray_v1alpha1_rayjob.yaml
# List running RayJobs.
$ kubectl get rayjob
NAME            AGE
rayjob-sample   7s
# RayJob sample will also create a raycluster.
# raycluster will create few resources including pods and services. You can use the following commands to check them:
$ kubectl get rayclusters
$ kubectl get pod

RayJob Configuration

  • entrypoint - The shell command to run for this job. job_id.
  • jobId - (Optional) Job ID to specify for the job. If not provided, one will be generated.
  • metadata - Arbitrary user-provided metadata for the job.
  • runtimeEnv - base64 string of the runtime json string.
  • shutdownAfterJobFinishes - whether to recycle the cluster after job finishes.
  • ttlSecondsAfterFinished - TTL to clean up the cluster. This only works if shutdownAfterJobFinishes is set.

RayJob Observability

You can use kubectl logs to check the operator logs or the head/worker nodes logs. You can also use kubectl describe rayjobs rayjob-sample to check the states and event logs of your RayJob instance:

  Dashboard URL:          rayjob-sample-raycluster-vnl8w-head-svc.ray-system.svc.cluster.local:8265
  End Time:               2022-07-24T02:04:56Z
  Job Deployment Status:  Complete
  Job Id:                 test-hehe
  Job Status:             SUCCEEDED
  Message:                Job finished successfully.
  Ray Cluster Name:       rayjob-sample-raycluster-vnl8w
  Ray Cluster Status:
    Available Worker Replicas:  1
      Client:          32572
      Dashboard:       32276
      Gcs - Server:    30679
    Last Update Time:  2022-07-24T02:04:43Z
    State:             ready
  Start Time:          2022-07-24T02:04:49Z
  Type    Reason     Age   From               Message
  ----    ------     ----  ----               -------
  Normal  Created    90s   rayjob-controller  Created cluster rayjob-sample-raycluster-vnl8w
  Normal  Submitted  82s   rayjob-controller  Submit Job test-hehe
  Normal  Deleted    15s   rayjob-controller  Deleted cluster rayjob-sample-raycluster-vnl8w

If the job doesn't run successfully, the above describe command will provide information about that too:

  Dashboard URL:          rayjob-sample-raycluster-nrdm8-head-svc.ray-system.svc.cluster.local:8265
  End Time:               2022-07-24T02:01:39Z
  Job Deployment Status:  Complete
  Job Id:                 test-hehe
  Job Status:             FAILED
  Message:                Job failed due to an application error, last available logs:
python: can't open file '/tmp/code/script.ppy': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

  Ray Cluster Name:  rayjob-sample-raycluster-nrdm8
  Ray Cluster Status:
    Available Worker Replicas:  1
      Client:          31852
      Dashboard:       32606
      Gcs - Server:    32436
    Last Update Time:  2022-07-24T02:01:30Z
    State:             ready
  Start Time:          2022-07-24T02:01:38Z
  Type    Reason     Age   From               Message
  ----    ------     ----  ----               -------
  Normal  Created    2m9s  rayjob-controller  Created cluster rayjob-sample-raycluster-nrdm8
  Normal  Submitted  2m    rayjob-controller  Submit Job test-hehe
  Normal  Deleted    58s   rayjob-controller  Deleted cluster rayjob-sample-raycluster-nrdm8

Delete the RayJob instance

$ kubectl delete -f config/samples/ray_v1alpha1_rayjob.yaml